We had a beautiful autumn weekend. Don’t you love how golden and dappled the light is in the fall?

Farm House Tour: Kids Bedroom

Here we go!  Let’s show you around this joint!

I’m starting with the kids’ bedroom.  Sorry if you think that’s lame.  But I’m hoping this room will undergo some big changes soon (before Christmas) so I’m starting here.  Maybe starting at the front door would make more sense…  Meh.  Whatever.

Here’s how I’m gonna’ do this: show you the room first, then give you an idea of what I am doing, plan to do or dream of doing “some day”.  So dream with me, eh?

As you may remember from my planning, there will be two kids’ bedrooms - a boys’ room and a girl’s room.  But after an emotional summer for my kids, and a much later than planned transition into our house, we decided to keep M and L together for now.  I think the plan is to have them in their own rooms by Christmas.  ish.  (I’ve learned that in any year a new baby is born you need to add a lot of “ish” to your timeline.)


The plan long-term is to have two single beds in there for the two boys.  When Baby E moves in, though, he’ll obviously have his crib for a while.


Like most of the rooms, this room has a big beautiful big window, which I love (and wouldn’t trade).  But it has it comes with its challenges.  For example, bunk beds would cover part of the window if we tried to squeeze them in there.  Thus, the low single beds.


The window also obviously lets in tons of great light, which I love.  But this is not what you’re going for in the napping stage of life with Little People.  So this room is the only one that had its window treatment up before we moved in.  I used Jenny’s (second) tutorial for making a roman shade out of mini blinds.


I was scared of trying it, but it ended up not being too hard.  It helped that I decided to do an outside mount roman shade (for style, and for light-blocking purposes).  This reduced the need for straight sewing and exact measuring - my two biggest weaknesses with sewing.  The shade works reasonably well, but the window is really big (5 feet across) and the cheapy blinds I got from Walmart aren’t super strong/well made.  I used a heavy material (a drop cloth, actually), and so it’s a little clunky to pull the blind up.  But it works, and I’m happy with it.  I still plan to create a simple matching pelmet box over where the blind is mounted, which will finish it off nicely, I think.

Now, I’ve just shown you four pictures of the same wall.  You know why?


Bam!  Here’s the other wall.  Thrilling, I know.  

Yes, this is a small room.  But, a.) I like small rooms for kids because I want to keep the room mostly for sleeping and dressing (and maybe I’m a really mean mom, perhaps?), and b.) This room has THIS:


That, right there, is a walk-in closet in my kids’ room.  It goes way back and has a big bank of built-in shelves too.  It wasn’t on my radar for what I wanted in a house, but the floor plan we worked from had it already… and why would you argue with that?  So because of the big closet it means that beds are all you really need in the bedroom area, which is pretty nice.  

So.  The plan for this room?  Well, first you can see here, here, and my Pinterest board.

This will be the boys’ room (likely), and the look will be sort of “preppy hunting lodge”.  (You know, cuz’ THAT’s a thing.)  I’m going for a bit of a Ralph Lauren/Tommy Smythe vibe with the decorating.



Projects on-the-go:

  • I have some very cool art to hang, and I can’t wait to show you soon.
  • Some swing-arm sconces (plug in) are slated to go on either side of the window.
  • I have an antique dresser (not the one pictured in the mood board above, but rather a much-less-precious one).  I’ve painted the dresser a dark green and my dad put in metal drawer slides.  I just have to line the drawers and decide whether I’m spray painting the hardware or not, and it should be ready to go.
  • I’m going to upholster those headboards (post to follow).  I splurged and went with that great navy plaid that I wanted.
  • I bought some great grey ticking stripe sheets sets at Target (you can see it on my son’s bed, right), but need to sew a bit more bedding (throw pillow covers and a duvet cover, which is nearly done).  I’m also hunting for some good wool blankets, preferably tartan.
  • I have some shelves to go up the wall beside the door to hold storybooks (similar to the picture ledges I used in our condo nursery).
  • Beyond that it’s all little accessories and organization.

Some-day projects:

  • For this room I don’t have much in the way of long-term plans.  It’s a pretty straight-forward little box.  And long-term changes will depend on the preferences and needs of the boys living there.  I would, however, like to change the light fixture at one point.  For now it’s a plain little flush mount.  But no rush on that one.
Bits and Pieces

In my goal to establish the kids’ rooms before Baby #3 arrives, I’ve been collecting some bits and pieces along the way.  Here are a few of the goodies:

For Little L:


(Please take a moment and appreciate the background carpet and wallpaper in this picture. :)  That’s the old house on the farm that we store stuff in.)

I’ve hoped and dreamed of an upholstered French headboard for-EVER.  So the fact that this sweet little one came up for sale on UsedRegina right when we were ready for it, for a good price, from the sweetest lady I’ve ever met buying used stuff?  Golden.  So excited for this beauty.  It’ll get a coat of warm white spray paint, and some upholstery.


I’ve already got the fabric I’ll use to upholster the headboard - a pretty floral from Waverly.

And more fabric!  The key to the whole room - yellow polka dot for the drapes.  L loves polka dots.  Also, I love hearing her say “polka dot”.  (Or should I say “poh-ta dot”?)



Literally as I wrote the post on art for the kids, I purchased these botanicals off Etsy, from a great little shop called Early Bird Sale.  They arrived super fast and are in immaculate condition.  I think they’re perfect, and just hope I can find the right frames…


I got this dresser for a steal, and it’s totally the style I was looking for.  But to get it for the price I did, I had to commit to buying it before I saw it in person, since the seller brought it in from out of town.  Truth be told I’m not sure the drawers are ready for everyday use.  I’ll do what I can and get my dad to look at them.

If it does go in L’s room it’ll be painted either a creamy white, or perhaps a paler hue of the sea foamy/minty colour from the headboard fabric.  AND I have the sweetest little glass knobs that I bought on clearance from Anthropologie ages ago that will be perfect.

If it doesn’t go in L’s room I have a few other ideas of places throughout the house were it could go as a little bureau/console-type deal.  We’ll see.  And if it doesn’t go in L’s room I have a crazy idea that I’ll have to mull over for a while… Maybe this spindled etagere?

I’m thinking it could be sweet painted yellow or mint green (or maybe white) with baskets on the lower shelves for folded clothes (the closet in the room is a good size, so I wouldn’t need a ton), and the upper shelves for books and display?  It could be super cute.  And my little L could totally get her inner stylist going at an early age.  OR it could be a major magnet for clutter and knick-knacks and drive me crazy.  Plus, I don’t even own this piece.  It’s sitting over at the old house, and I’d have to check with Grandma… but it may be an option.

And for the Boys:



This dresser.  It’s so good.  Sturdy old antique with a lovely wood tone, and just right lines.  I’ve already detached the mirror since that makes it too feminine, I think, and because this will sit beneath their window.  It needs a bit of polish on the edges, but I’m debating - maybe I should keep the patina, since two little boys are bound to rough it up some more?  Hmmm… maybe this dresser won’t last long in their room, now that I think about it… ;)



I snagged this large shallow basket from Urban Barn on clearance.  I plan on making a little pillow to put inside and I’ll use it atop the dresser for a change pad.  Can you see it?  No?  Trust me.  I’m 94% sure it’ll be awesome. ;)


This globe is something we’ve had for months now, but I don’t think I’ve shared it on the blog.  I’ve wanted a globe with a light in it for ages.  Mostly because of my warm-fuzzy love of the movie While You Were Sleeping.  I had been scouring ebay and Etsy for illuminated globes for a while, but never bought one because I wasn’t down for paying 100+ dollars plus shipping.  Finally on a whim I checked UsedRegina, and lo and behold - this perfect one for $15!  Wahoo!

It gives the just-right glow to be a nightlight, but can be displayed prominently too.

Also, Little M loves it, and has a remarkable ability to remember the names and locations of countries, which is fun.  Though I’ll need to purchase a current map soon so that he’s not learning about Burma and the USSR.


I’ve mentioned this painting before.  It’s a vintage paint-by-numbers.  I love the colours and I love the kitsch.  And it was cheap, which is also what I wanted.  It’ll hopefully be a collection of vintage-vibe art in the boys’ room.

And that’s what I’ve got so far!  I’m so excited to bring everything all together… One day. 

Breaking Ground

I know some of you are itching for details about the house coming, and even moreso for some interior stuff, but I really want to document the basement.

While the trips to Warman to see our house were so fun, it was the ground breaking that made it real for me.  About a month ago they dug our basement and I’ve never been so excited about dirt and cement before.

How many times over the years had I looked out over that field and squinted my eyes to imagine seeing our home there?  And now it had finally begun.

My dear husband literally got greyer hair over the course of that week, though. It had been Saskatchewan’s snowiest winter on record.  (And when Saskatchewan breaks snowfall records, we’re talking A LOT of snow.)  It just kept falling, and falling, and falling, well into the end of April.  And it was cold too.  There were predictions of flooding of epic proportions.  Not exactly what you want to hear when you have a house scheduled to come in mid-June, and need your basement dug stat.

But God knew.  And even though the cold winter chill lingered far longer than any of us thought we could bear, beneath it all the snow slowly and  efficiently melted into the ground meaning that there was, in fact, no flooding where we lived.  The basement could go ahead, but we needed it dug NOW.

Fortunately my father-in-law’s close friend, Roy, owns an excavation company and they were ready to jump in as soon as they could.  And Sean’s friend, Matt, works for a basement and foundation company that was able to get to us in a timely manner.  (In fact, maybe so timely that the RM and the building permits were playing a bit of catch-up.) 

So, like I said, between flood-watch, excavation, building permits, inspections, last-minute revisions of the drawings, mortgage stuff, foundation pouring, utility applications… etc. etc. (all while finishing tax season and beginning seeding) Sean’s hair actually got greyer over the course of a week.  Poor guy.

But it happened.  God took care of the details.  Some key people stepped in and got things done.  My smart, capable husband worked things out.

And we got to celebrate.

We thought the excavation would be on the Saturday, but Sean got a call on Tuesday that they could start that day.  After working in the morning I whipped up a picnic lunch, rushed to the farm, and we waited and watched for the “digger” to break ground.

It was 27 degrees celsius that day.  Super hot for May.  But there were still piles of snow left on the ground.  Oh, Saskatchewan.  A memorable day, indeed.

The excavation was done that day, and when we went out for supper that night with friends, Sean received a call asking if the basement crew could start the next day.  Um… yeah!

The basement guys worked really efficiently, and before we knew it we were looking at footings.

Then walls.

We took a lot of walks to go visit our basement.

We couldn’t wait to put all of the pieces together and see our house there.

Art for the Little Ones

As I’ve let the design plans for the kids’ rooms simmer in my brain, I’ve been surfing Etsy for art that might work for their rooms.  I’ll have to hit up some used book stores and thrift stores before ordering anything online, since much of what I’m looking at is vintage bookplates and posters.  I like the vintage route for art since it is affordable, beautiful, unique, and adds so much character.

For L’s room I already have the Month by Month prints from Sarah Jane Studios.  I bought the little notecards long before I even had kids because I loved them so much.  So I’ll definitely be putting these in her room somewhere.

(“October in Polka Dot Wellies" from the Her Month by Month series by Sarah Jane Studios)

I also want to play with florals in her room - because where else can you do this with abandon than in a little girl’s room?  I often call her “Sweet Pea” so I’ve been on the hunt for vintage seed packets or books or illustrations of sweet peas, like this one:

(Sweet Peas and Nasturtiums [laser print of seed box] from Victorian Rose Prints)

Or perhaps a botanical print like this one:

And wouldn’t those yellow sweet peas look lovely paired with these little yellow butterflies?

(Both prints from Early Bird Sale)

She also adores animals, and has a particular affinity for puppies (one of her first words) so I’ve been searching out dog breed illustrations like these:

(Vintage Dog Breed Illustration from Iowa Jewel)

For the boys’ room vintage maps are such an easy go-to for art.  They’re interesting, beautiful, educational, and still pretty neutral.

(Antique Topographic Map of Canada from Reclaimer Vintage Goods)

M has some ideas of his own, though.  He’d really like some superhero pictures in his room.  And though he’s never watched anything Avengers-related, he’s obsessed with them and has a few toys and colouring books with them.  I kind of cringe at the thought of something character based being featured, but this minimalistic poster is pretty cool:

(The Avengers Variant Poster from William Henry Graphic Design, also comes in blue)

Though I’m not sure he’d find that sufficient.  Another route I’ve considered is framing vintage comic books. (Though it’s quite the hunt finding one that looks cool, features his favourite characters, yet is without anything scary or any scantily clad women on it!  Sheesh.)

(The Avengers No. 151 Comic Book from Sidewalk Comics)

One item I’m totally kicking myself over not purchasing is this 1921 Canadian flag.  My kids really like flags, and they might find it cool that pre-1960’s our Canadian flag was actually different.  This flag is linen, it’s cool, it’s patriotic, it’s historical, it’s beautiful - what a treasure!  But I waited, and it sold, and I can’t find anything like it online (for a decent price).  Darn.  Seriously kicking myself.

(Historical Upper Canada Flag from PapillonArtBoutique)

This old bookplate is pretty cool, but given its age it’s missing a lot of provinces and actually has the old Saskatchewan flag, which may annoy M or confuse my kids as they learn.  So I’m not sold on it.  And really I just want that old linen flag.  

(Flags of Canada from Peony and Thistle Paper and Print)

I obviously won’t be getting all of this, but the hunting sure is fun…. We’ll see what I end up with!

Visiting our House

We’ve gone twice now to visit our house in-process up at Warman Homes.  What a cool, strange experience!  As I opened a door or walked through a hall I tried to convince myself: I will be doing this thousands more times!  This is MY house!  Crazy.  After years of waiting and dreaming it’s pretty surreal.  Little moments of praise to God around every corner.image

The first time we went it was just us and the kids.


Little M has pretty much wrapped his brain around the whole idea now (This is our house.  This is my room.  A big truck is going to move it to the farm.  We will live there soon.)  And it was really fun to see him get excited.

We visited on a Saturday and there were tools all over the place (duh.)  But no workers.  M wanted to know: “Where are the workers!  Why are they not working on our house!?” Be very afraid of that kid if he’s ever your boss some day. ;)


Little L was also super excited.  Maybe she sort of understands.  Maybe she was feeding off of our excitement.  But mostly it’s just a super great place for hide-and-go-seek.

I loved being there and seeing for myself how light and bright the house was!  (After 10 years of living in apartments or basement suites you can never have too much sunshine!)



On the first visit I was thrilled to see some of the light fixtures installed.  I had picked them from pictures and descriptions online, and had my fingers crossed that the finishes would look right and the scale would work.  I was really happy when I saw them in person. (Obviously that chandelier will be lowered after the house is moved.)



On our second visit a bunch of Sean’s family came with us, which was really fun.  By that time our kitchen cabinetry was installed.  Seeing our kitchen was definitely a moment of complete disbelief.  ”No way is this my kitchen.” I could probably fit all 5 of our first kitchens into that kitchen and pantry area.

That island alone would take up the majority of our condo kitchen.  (Kidding.  Mostly.)

And most of all, what hit me over these visits is how perfect the timing is.  God knew all along.  All that waiting and pining for this - and now is the right time.  Now, after we know much better what we want and need in a house.  Now, when we can share this adventure with our young children.  Now, when we’re at this time in our lives and marriage.  Now, when we’ve seen His faithfulness and been stretched in our trust, and contentment, and maturity, and perspective about what really matters in life.  Now, when we still have so many years of living ahead of us.  Now, when we are so overwhelmingly struck with what a massive blessing this is.  Now’s the time.

An Upholstered French Bed (and a few hare-brained ideas…)

I love the look of an upholstered French headboard.  You’ll find a few of them throughout this tumblr and my Pinterest pages.


(Cream French Upholstered Bed from Sweetpea & Willow)

And I’d love to have something like this in Little L’s room.  So pretty and feminine.  And can you picture it with her headboard fabric?


I did a search a while ago for Louis style beds.  I came up with some lovely options - but none within Canada, and none in my (very cheap) price range.

But last week I stumbled upon this vintage French-style bedroom suite for sale online.  It came with two twin curvy headboards.  Now, as much as I want to scoop up both headboards (SPOILER ALERT), this next baby is not a girl.  And while I could try to play the odds that we MIGHT have another baby one day and that baby MIGHT be a girl, I do my very best not to be a gambler.  Or hoarder.  So I just want one headboard.


I wrote the seller asking if she’d be willing to split one headboard from the set.  She had just posted the ad, so she wanted to wait it out and see if anyone was interested in buying the whole lot first (I’d do that too).  But she said she’d keep my address, and if in a little while no one buys, she’ll get back to me.  We agreed upon a fair price, and I crossed my fingers that I could snag one of them.

But wait.  They’re not upholstered.

Karen, a lovely blog reader also loves the look of a Louis bed, and found this beautiful option at PBTeen:


(Lilac Bed from PBTeen)

But she had the same dilemma: it was the right style and shape, but no upholstery.  She wrote me to ask how I might go about upholstering a bed like this.  If I do end up getting that vintage headboard I’ll be sure to share a post on what I do with it this summer.  For now, though, I have two theories (but no experience), and here’s what I’m thinking…

I could upholster the headboard in a similar fashion to my Louis chair.  (Or a more detailed post about my round chairs may be more helpful.)  Here’s what I would do:

  • Cut a thin piece of foam to fit just inside of the frame of the headboard (and footboard if you have one).  Use spray adhesive to attach it to the headboard.
  • Cut the fabric to fit just over top of the foam inside of the frame of the headboard.  Attach it to the headboard with a neat row of staples just inside the frame.
  • Glue welting cord on top of the staples to cover them up. (Good welting cord tutorials are here and here.)

You can see this bed from Laura Ashley has welting cord butted up against the frame:


(Photographer Rachel Whiting)

The second method is a little more hypothetical:

  • Find a sturdy but thin material (maybe like the cardboard cereal boxes are made of?  But maybe stronger?  But you’d want to be able to cut it yourself.  Hmm… now I want to go to Lowes and see what I could find.
  • Cut your thin but sturdy material to the exact shape and size of the inset of your headboard.
  • Cut your foam to the same shape and size of the cut-out.  Use spray adhesive to attach the foam to the cut-out.
  • Cut your fabric to be a couple inches bigger than your foam.  Wrap it around the foam and attach it to the back of the cut-out.  If your cut-out material was cardboard, staples may not work.  So maybe glue the fabric to it?
  • Using another glue (?) attach your upholstered cut-out to the inset of the headboard.

Now obviously this is just a theory, and would take some knowledge of the right materials.  BUT it also means you could skip the welting cord, if you wanted to.

I’ll probably work with the first method.

And if you want to tuft the headboard, like Jenny's sweet girl’s bed you could check out what she did:


(Design and upholstery by Jenny Komenda of Little Green Notebook)

In fact this tutorial, minus the tufting, is pretty similar to my first suggested method, so it’s definitely worth a look.  You can check out some of her other helpful posts here and here.

Bedroom Schemes - The Little Ones

I mentioned awhile ago that I’ve been dreaming of the design schemes for the bedrooms in the new house. For the most part I’m trying to reign myself in when it comes to decorating plans. I know that:

A. You should live in a house first. Let it inspire your direction for colours, furniture placement, etc.

B. “Brand new house.” Unfortunately those words don’t leave piles of extra cash lying around for decorating purchases.

C. Shortly after our move-in we will be welcoming Baby #3. I don’t know about you, but having a newborn eliminates me from productivity at anything for roughly 6 months minimum. (Hint: Expect blogging hiatus.)

But it’s also really hard not to get all excited. And a part of me would really like to establish some “done-ness” in the kids’ rooms over the summer so that it really feels like home for them. (And I discovered that this actually matters to my son, who has lamented how much he misses his old room in the condo the entire time we’ve had our temporary stay at The Pink House.)

So with some consultation (and a few veto decisions on my part. Sorry, kiddos), we’ve come up with the colour directions for their rooms.

Girl Room:


I want it to feel like a yellow room without screaming YELLOW! This is hard to do. The trick to success with yellow (and red, in my opinion): no yellow walls, just accents of yellow. Keep the walls neutral. So the yellow polka dot fabric will be the drapes - providing the major sense that the room is yellow. It’s a nice buttery soft yellow, which is hard to find (most yellows I found were a more lemony hue or more golden.) L also asked for “boo and geen” in her room, so the warm aqua blue background on the floral with green, yellow and pink in the flowers is a lovely pairing and provides the vintage feel I want. I’m thinking the floral may end up as a headboard. With two patterns as bold as this being featured in large areas any other fabrics will likely be more neutral - yellow, cream or white solids, or small scale stripes or gingham.

I knew from the start I wanted yellow - it’s sort of my colour for Little L. Her name means “light”, and her disposition is usually so cheerful and humourous that yellow’s always been the colour I associate with her.

Some other gorgeous yellow fabrics I considered (but eliminated, largely due to cost)…


Isn’t this one so incredibly beautiful, yet understated? I’m still tempted to use it somewhere else in the house, but at $30/yard I’m not sure I can do it.


I knew I wanted a floral and that I wanted yellow. So this one also tempted me.


I reeeally love this large scale floral. It has the prettiness of a floral, but a not-too-girly colour scheme. And it pairs well with the polka dot. But it was $10 more than the floral I chose and had a more limited palette to work with.

For the Boy room M and I were in definite agreement that the main colour would be his favourite, “dark blue”. Navy is my go-to colour, and is a colour I’ve always associated with M. (OK. I realize I sound crazy colour coding my children. It’s how my brain works. Anyone else know what I’m talking about?!) But we aren’t exactly in agreement on the accent colour. He also loves orange, but I felt it would turn the room too modern, and good orange fabrics are hard to find. He also offered red for consideration - which I’m still open to - but didn’t want the room to turn too nautical (which I feel red might do). My sister-in-law recently decorated my sweet little nephew’s room with a nautical feel and I LOVE it (I’d love to show you some time), so I don’t want to be too copycat. Plus I’m really liking the way this deep spruce green looks in the mix. And I may or may not have already decided that green is the next baby’s favourite colour. ;)


M loves plaid (I find it so funny that a 3.5 year old has a favourite pattern) and I want a mix of fairly low key (not too graphic) patterns - stripes, plaids, herringbone, etc. Sort of what you’d see with mens’ suits. That navy ticking will likely be the roman shade and I would love to see that navy and white plaid on a headboard. We’ll see.

So that’s where I’m headed! Whaddya’ think? Anyone else colour-code their children? Man, that makes me sound super type-A and controlling. Really, I’m not. I’m not! At least 57% of the time. ;)

Kids’ Room: Inspired


(Photograph from BHG.com)

I’m holding back quite a bit on the decorating plan for the house.  Though I have some specific ideas of what I want the rooms to look like, I’m working on the foundational layers of the building process first, and won’t make any major decorating moves (or purchases or projects) until after we’ve moved into the house.

But the other day my dear little boy lamented to me once again that he missed our condo.  He has an impeccable memory for a three-year-old, and can be really sweet and sentimental.  But I was surprised that he still felt that way.  I asked him, specifically, what he missed.  ”My room” he said, “I like the way my room was.”  

Since we’ve been in the Pink House (the house owned by our church) I haven’t done a lot with their room.  There’s a big clunky double bed in there, and an old wooden rocking chair. Plus we jammed in the change table/dresser and the crib.  I did hang a few pictures on 3M command hooks, and did hang the drapes from their old room, but it still feels pretty dreary.  And certainly not like home for him. 

And so, with my heart strings pulled, the kids’ room made it to the top of my priority list for decorating.  How wonderful it would be for that room to feel finished and homey right away when we settle in!  So I’ve been pinning away and looking for the inspiration I need for their room.  They’ll share a room again (though some of the adorable girls’ rooms I’ve come across have me rethinking that slightly…) and I definitely want matching twin beds.  I’d love old brass beds, or painted wooden beds, but my second-hand hunting has not been fruitful as of yet, so we may end up with cheap IKEA beds and DIY upholstered headboards.

You can see some themes running through my pictures: pale neutral walls, with lots of room for displaying the colourful things kids love (books, toys, momentos).  A definite vintage vibe.  A sort of raw, natural feel.  Eclectic art.

Speaking of eclectic art, I just found this cool vintage paint-by-numbers painting on Kijiji… I may just have to pick that one up!


A new frame and this could be a great jumping-off point for the room.  

I’m getting excited - kids’ rooms are my favourite to decorate!  Let the dreaming begin…

Don’t forget to hug the ones you love tonight. -Justine

Don’t forget to hug the ones you love tonight. -Justine

Christmas Moments: Red shoes

Christmas Moments: Red shoes

SO, apparently I dropped off the face of the Tumblr planet.

Hey there.

My name is Justine.  In case you forgot about me.  I blog here.  In theory, anyways.

I thought I should check in with you all and let you know that I’m still alive.  And still have every intention of continuing to blog here - I just need to take care of life as it demands first. Consider this a bit of a blog sabbatical.  A “blogbattical”, I like to say.  (Because I’m a nerd who often makes up words inserting “blog”)

So I’ll be back.  Maybe this week.  Maybe in a month or two.  I do miss this terribly, but other things are a little higher on the to-do list these days, like:

  • enjoying every minute I can with my two beautiful children.
  • spending every moment I can with my kind and gorgeous husband.
  • enduring every stressful second of raising a baby (I don’t do the baby stage well, unfortunately, and right now she’s teething like a… um… like a baby getting 4 teeth all at once.)
  • surviving serious sleep deprivation. (Example above.  Not so good with the creativity these days.  Actually not so good with the thinking in general.  It’s been a bad stretch the last few weeks between Baby L being up, Little M waking through the night, and my own bit of insomnia thrown in.)
  • cleaning my house.  This is an impossible, never-ending task with a  two-year-old tearing around.  I want to go back in time and say to the pre-kids me, “Just clean your house.  It’ll take no time at all.  It’s so eeeeeasy.  And it won’t be when you have a two-year-old.”
  • blogging.  Wait.  What?  Oh, not here.  Over at UsedEverywhere.  Straight up, folks, I get paid for that.  And not for this.  So.  (Tell me how to feature ads, and then pay me to advertise cool stuff.  Not dumb stuff.  And then my blog will start making money.  And then blogging will move up my to-do list.  Cool.  Good idea.) ;)
  • home projects.  Whoa baby, when I DO start blogging again I have some cool stuff to show you.  I’ve been chipping away at many projects (with the help of our team of free babysitters.  Family and in-laws rock, peeps).  Hopefully in the new year I’ll have a bit of a living room tour with some major changes we’ve made(and are making), followed by dining room and bedroom.  hopefully.
  • church stuff.  Sean and I are teaching grades 4-5 Sunday school together this year and I’m loving it.  I’ve worked with these kids since they were tiny, and it’s so good to stay involved with them, even on my maternity leave.  Plus mom’s group, and my sweet care group.
  • Aaand that’s kind of life right now.  Oh!  And another reason my blogging’s been slow this fall?  My computer was broken.  But I got my Christmas gift from Sean early, and this it’s inaugural blog post.  It’s big, and silver, and has a cute little apple on it.  (Traded in the macbook pro for an iMac.  A desktop makes more sense to me with growing kiddos around.)

SO!  check back in a while, OK?  I promise I will too.  And if you’ve only recently started following my blog, a big fat apology.  I’m not usually this lame.

Life (and House) Update

I consider last week an initiation into a new stage of parenthood: Sean and I ventured out on our first week-long family vacation with two little ones.  We learned a lot.  We laughed a lot.  Both Sean and Micah had no clean pants left by Wednesday.  (I’ll spare you the details, but if you’re reading this, good Calgary Harvey’s employee, my apologies for the one incident.)  We had a very excited two-year-old who only threw up twice,  a poor three-month-old who was introduced to the perils of teething, and two twenty-something parents realizing how much their lives had changed.

We visited old friends, older friends, the zoo, shopping hot spots, and my kids’ great great grandma.  And by the end of the week I found myself marvelling at the patience, resilience, and kindness of my husband (whom I dubbed “Super Dad”).  It was a great week.

 And we visited our house.  Sort of.  In the Spring we found out that we have permission to subdivide the farmland to create a spot to build our house.  Shortly after that Sean and I agreed upon a house plan.  Last week we were able to visit a showhome model of the plan we like.  (And if any of you have ever bought a home from a floorplan, you may understand what an incredible opportunity it is to see the actual space beforehand!)

It was great to see how big the windows are, how the ceiling peaks, the size of closets, or how the rooms flow.  It was also great to meet our sales lady and know that our “hunch” about her being awesome and knowledgeable was absolutely right.  It was nice to inspect the craftsmanship up close.  And it was delightful to stand in the rooms and dream a little bit.

So, now we have a lot of other things to do before we begin building… but it sure is nice to have a specific space to plan!  Woo hoo!