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Well, I shared my plans along the way… but maybe I should also share the finished project?  So welcome to M & L’s nursery!  

In case you forgot, here is the original plan:

Over time the plan in evolved in the details, but stayed pretty true to my vision: cream with pops of colour (particularly deep red), with lots of fun, vintage-feeling, patterned fabrics.  Here are a few of the posts and DIYs I shared along the way:

Some other changes?  

  • The layout was changed up because we actually had room for the change table between the crib and bed (instead of in the closet) - which is ideal.
  • I did purchase the IKEA rug, but after living with it for a few weeks I felt the pattern was a bit too busy, and didn’t relate enough to the fabrics in the room.  Also, it has a pretty scratchy texture, so it wasn’t necessarily better to play on than the laminate.  So the rug’s in our room now, and I quite like it there.
  • I also sewed some pillows and a crib skirt, spray painted the lamp and some hooks cherry red, Sean put up some display shelves and hung a second closet rod, and I added some adorable alphabet flashcards as art above the crib.

But enough of that… how about some pictures?

Our rocking/reading/snuggling/nursing corner!  (And though the drape over the closet is also the cheaper option - as opposed to adding doors - it also allowed us to have a spacious floor plan by placing the chair slightly in front of the closet.  Another bonus?  Little M loves to hide in his “tent” closet where I’ve stashed books and soft toys on the bottom shelf.

I sewed the stripes onto the store-bought curtain panel using the leftovers from the drapes to connect the two sides of the room.

Here’s the lamp I bought ages ago at Urban Outfitters on clearance, now looking kicky in deep red.  I love it.  L’s journal was purchased at Chapters and was designed by the same artist, Lorena Siminovich, who created the flashcards above the crib. (Underneath it is M’s journal, which coordinated with his old forest-themed nursery design.)

I actually bought these corner shelves when Little M was born, but they only made it onto the walls last week… isn’t that how it goes?  I’m loving the display surface now!  (Especially Baby L’s cute red shoes!!) :)

Here you can see the side table, a find from an estate sale on Used Regina painted to match the change table/dresser.  I love the extra storage space for more books!

In this shot you can see the crib skirt I made from the wonderful dot fabric using the instructions found in Amy Butler’s book: Little Stitches for Little Ones.  My sneaky cost-saving (and time-saving) secret?  I didn’t have enough fabric for the whole skirt, so I only sewed the visible panels, and left the other two wall-facing sides of the crib bare.

Obviously those cushions won’t stay in the crib once Little L moves in with big brother, but they’ll look lovely on the chair or Little M’s bed then. 

Here are the beautiful flashcards from Petit Collage.  Love ‘em.  And you can see Little L’s new chandelier and my beloved drapery fabric.

As you can see we painted our change table to match the side table and stand out a little less.

Here’s little M’s bed - loosely based on this tutorial from Design mom, with a headboard added.  And you’ll see those great 'Monsieur' prints by Blanca Gomez on the wall, which look so great with the ottoman fabric (and Little M loves that they feature bubbles and balloons - two of the coolest things ever.)

Speaking of the ottoman, I love that it can float around the room:

I spray painted these cheapy brass hooks red to hang outfits on.  I like to hang out their Sunday clothes on Saturday night to make getting out the door on Sunday mornings easier!

We kept the Ribba picture ledges as book shelves - a wonderful, changeable art display of storybooks!  However now that Little M is a ravenous reader I have to watch that he doesn’t use the ledges as a ladder…

So there it is!  I’m pleased as punch with it.  Even with two it doesn’t feel crowded at all, which is lovely.  …Oh, and I think the kids like it too. ;)

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