Cheapskate DIY Piping

So, I can be pretty cheap.  Luckily I’m also thrifty and creative, so it can work out pretty well.  Like today when I was working on a pillow cover and decided it would look better with piping, but had none on hand, I had to come up with a way to make piping.  I didn’t really want to go to the only fabric store in our city to find out whether or not they had piping cord to make my own, so I used my thrifty ways to come up with a plan with what I had on hand.  My supplies?

Chunky yarn and bias tape!

The yarn’s been sitting around for a long time (since the days when I crocheted more), and I had a pile of brown bias tape for some reason.

First I cut the bias tape down the centre, ironed it out, and placed the yarn inside.

Then I sewed right alongside the yarn…

And ta da!  Piping!  The yarn’s a little softer than piping cord, perhaps, but it should work just fine for my purposes.

How easy is that?  And I didn’t even have to buy anything!  Score!

(Up next: I’m going to see if I can use my DIY piping idea to make double welt cord for my Louis chair using a tutorial like this one…)

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