Home Tour: Little M’s Nursery

Well, I’ve just gone about this all wrong now, haven’t I?  Why would I post hundreds of beautiful pictures of gorgeous homes done up by professional architects, designers, stylists, and photographers, then post pictures of my own humble home?  Ah well.

Today I’m blogging about the one room that’s nearly complete in our renovated condo - Little M’s room.  I really love this room, which is good considering home much time I’ve spent in it.

So come in and take a peek, OK? 

I dreamed up Little M’s room before I even knew where we’d be living, or that he’d be a boy!  It all started in January (when I was 2 months pregnant) and I found this lovely birch fabric from Australian shop Ink & Spindle. (<- A shop I highly recommend!  INCREDIBLE customer service, and beautiful eco-friendly fabrics!)

The fabric was a little pricey for me, but I was in love with it and figured a green and cream scheme could work for a boy or a girl.  (And at that point the Australian dollar was only 75 cents to our dollar!)  So from that fabric a woodsy-themed room emerged…

I chose cream as the wall colour (and green and brown as accents only) because kids come with so many colourful things - clothes, toys, blankets, books… and you need a clean slate for all of that!

I love all of the furniture pieces in this room.  The chair was our splurge: the La-Z-Boy “Sheffield” glider-recliner.  I love that it has the comfort and quality of a La-Z-Boy, but doesn’t have that overstuffed ugliness of most recliners.  Not to mention it’s a relatively small chair so it fits my 5’4” frame perfectly (i.e. my feet can touch the floor!)  I love this chair and have slept in it a lot, so I recommend splurging on a good chair!

The crib is the "Lollipop" crib from AP Industries.  This was a gift from my mom, and it’s beautiful.  I found most cribs on the market (at least here in Saskatchewan) were either too spindly and cheapy, or massive beasts.  This crib is just the right size, and it will last a long time.  

The change able is the IKEA Leksvik dresser, and it works perfectly.  I love the open storage for diapers and wipes, and it helps that I lucked out with baskets from HomeSense that are the perfect size and perfect colour!

I had oodles of DIY’s, starting with sewing my own tab-back drapes with the inspiration fabric:

My dad helped me with a deer antler clothes hanger in keeping with the forest theme: (It works great for hanging up Little M’s outfit for the next day!)

And I created this tree mobile by painting a branch, creating paper leaves, and hanging it all with fishing line.  It casts beautiful shadows, the hanging leaves flutter in the breeze, and Little M’s loved it since he was tiny:

I bought a vintage Smokey the Bear book and framed the illustrations salon-style in a collection of white and cream frames:

I also created a large “wooden” M out of insulation styrofoam by carving it up with a utility knife, painting it, and attaching more paper leaves:

I love the look of old illustrated maps, so this was the perfect theme to create some maps of some imaginary campgrounds:

With only a strip of fabric left over from the window drapes, I used it to customize a store-bought panel that serves as a closet door:

And then there were a few IKEA “hacks” (creative uses of IKEA items) like flipping over a large IKEA frame that we had and tucking it under the dresser to pull out like a drawer with my son’s plethora of footwear:

Or (you’ve probably seen this one before) using the picture ledges as book shelves.  (I believe kids’ books are art!  And the more books kids see, the more they’ll want to read!)

So that’s our little nursery!  Thanks for visiting!

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