Where Credit is Due

I do my best to give credit to the creative individuals behind the photographs I post.

However, many of my older inspiration photos have been collected from various blogs and other websites over the years for my personal reference, and I simply do not remember the sources.

If you know of a photo on my blog that I should credit (and where it came from) please let me know and I will credit it accordingly.  Thank you!

UPDATE - Dec. 30 2011

OK, folks.  The time has come.  Or, actually, it’s long overdue.  This blog is going credit-only.  


Bloggers, (and worse, Tumblr bloggers) have a bad rap about posting pictures (or other stuff) without giving its original source to the readers.  I’ve done this.  And I’ve grown increasingly uncomfortable with it over my 2 years of blogging.  You see, posting a picture without giving credit to the photographer, the designer, the stylist, the publication… it’s just not fair.  We bloggers can take someone else’s idea, creativity, hard work, style, and piggyback it with the quick click of “reblog”.  We get hits, and followers, and traffic on our blogs while the creators go unrecognized - essentially robbing them of the credit (and potential business) that is due them.


So from now on I will only post pictures that I know of the original source.

By giving credit I don’t mean just the blog the picture came from (unless of course the blogger is the original creator).  If I were to get a picture from a blog I’d say “via _______”, but still need to give credit to the original creators of the image.  Sometimes you can’t get all of the sources (ie. only the photographer is listed, or some magazines own the images and don’t list the photographer or designer).  The truth is we can’t always get everyone in (what about the stylist?  Or the lighting guy!  Or the homeowner!?  Or the caterer!?!).  What I aim to do is give at least one of these sources, and more whenever possible.  That way, if you wanted to track down the artist, say, you could contact the designer directly to find out. 

This also means that I won’t be reblogging uncredited images.  (Eep!)  That’s too bad, because I won’t be able to post a lot of lovely work out there.  But I have to draw the line.  And if someone I follow does not regularly credit the images they blog I’ll likely unfollow, since they aren’t a useful resource to me.

And by listing the source I want to do more than just the click-through link.  While it’s great that a click of the picture can bring you to the original source, if you’re like me you don’t often click on pictures to find out the source.  I want the credit to travel through the blogosphere with the image, so I’ll write it below the picture.

I also ask that if you’re going to use an image you find on my tumblr site that you also include the credit (I know some people like to erase the text below the pictures). If you don’t mind I’d appreciate that you list the credit plus “via Birch and Lily” (or “via Justine Taylor”), but your priority needs to be recognizing the work of the original creators.


I have a lot of old stuff on my blog that is not sourced.  If you come across an old post with an uncredited image and know where it came from, PLEASE let me know.  Put it in the picture “reply”, leave a comment, or message me with a link. 

What about Pinterest?  For me Pinterest is a personal tool for myself.  I use the boards to organize ideas and inspiration for my own projects and save the poor hard drive on my computer.  So I may post pictures on my Pinterest boards that are uncredited (though I’ll be trying to move away from this), but I will not bring them to my blog which is intended for public enjoyment.  (This is something I’ll be simmering on for a while though… is it possible to keep private Pinterest boards?)


…or angry, or offended, or think I’m going “holier than thou”.  But I’ve gotta’ do this, and hope other bloggers will do it too!

Kapish? (“Kapish” quote from the character of Uncle Jesse Katsopolis, played by John Stamos, from the television show “Full House”, created by Jeff Franklin and writers include, but are not limited to: Jeff FranklinDennis RinslerMarc Warren, and Ellen Guylas.) 

OK, that last part was a joke.  I won’t go that crazy. ;)

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